Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County
Employee Relations: New Vision, Mission and Values Roll-Out



The Situation
Clerk & Comptroller wanted to introduce and launch a new Mission, Vision and Values as part of a strategic planning initiative.


The Challenge
Engage over 800 employees in five office locations across a large geographical area without impacting the delivery of service.


The Response
The four week campaign culminated in a one-day unifying, memorable, interactive experience with all employees being engaged with the top leadership, managers and line employees at an off site location. Useage of the "experience" themes were linked with the previous administration's culture statement to create continuity and build on an existing foundation.

Establishing open, two-way communication emanating from a single strategic platform during the campaign planning phase generated a significantly greater return on the communications investment.



The Result
High energy, visually stimulating, interactive activities … three consecutive experience-oriented events in a non-office setting resulted in surpassing expectations:

  • Post-event positive feedback was through the roof.
  • 800 diverse and geographically separated employees shared a powerful unifying experience.
  • The focus on grassroots change increased the likelihood of successful organizational change.
  • Flash multimedia utilized to create a unique visual experience which supported the values.
  • Open, two-way communication was incorporated into all planning and execution activities.
  • Campaign elements/symbols linked with previous administration's "Culture Statement" to enhance buy-in.
  • Communication tools and multimedia integrated into the "new employee" training program

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